Ashley Tisdale, Demi Lovato Or New Boyz: Who Got 'Punkd' The Hardest?

In 2007, Ashley Tisdale served some hard time on "Punk'd" as The Girl Who Could Wake People From Comas, but at no point did the series' production team say that made her exempt from any future humiliation. So, when Nick Cannon was passed the guest-host baton this week, he figured he'd shoot for a repeat performance.

Ash and her friend, Phil, were headed to the bowling lanes when a guy jumped off the sidewalk to wash their windshield for some extra cash. The entrepreneur seemed insistent on getting the glass all squeaky clean, but ultimately disappeared behind the car when the pair waved him off. The friends finally re-hit the open road, but a few blocks back into their trip, Ash realized Phil had been dragging something someone under his car. Can you guess who it was? After crumbling under guilt and making several declarations that she was two steps away from puking, The Tis proved she was a good sport when Nick revealed himself, and she admitted she'd been double-duped.

Demi Lovato thought a friendly studio session with All Time Low was in the cards when Nick secretly had her set as his second prank's victim. The "Skyscraper" singer was giving the group's new tune a listen when the track cut out and eerie noises and voices started playing over the speakers. While the gang waded through nerves, a technician told them the studio had been built over the site of Charlie Chaplin's pool, which was host to some tragic deaths. Suddenly, the vision of a ghost appeared in the adjacent room. Demi looked only slightly startled, but when it reappeared and took the form of a human, she freaked out. Thankfully, Ghostbuster Cannon let the cat out of the bag, and assured Demi she couldn't see dead people.

For his final act as torturer, Nick decided to pull the wool over the eyes of his rap group proteges, New Boyz. The guys were excited to hit up an exclusive club at which Nick had an "in," but were stopped in their tracks by an overly selective doorman. After a lengthy wait, the bouncer let inside only one dude, Legacy, but the musician was in for a shock when he stumbled upon two people getting busy in the waiting room and a slew of other drunken weirdos upon entry. Legacy made a scene and stormed out, only to find out Nick and Co. were upstairs. He cooled off, decided to give the place a second try with his friends, and after trekking through an exhausting labyrinth, somehow accidentally ended up back outside, and back in line. When New Boyz looked ready to whoop some ass, Nick popped up and told his little brothers they'd been PUNNNNK'D. So...does that mean no cover?

+ Between two Disney exports and some up-and-coming hip-hoppers, who do you think got hit by the hardest prank? Take the poll!

Who did Nick Cannon get the best of?

  • Ashley Tisdale
  • Demi Lovato
  • New Boyz

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