After 10 Hours In Labor, Hope Undergoes A C-Section [Sneak Peek]

During many "16 and Pregnant" episodes, we get so caught up in the family drama, boyfriend problems and imminent financial hardship that we sometimes overlook the most painful thing about the entire experience: the delivery. Childbirth can be extraordinarily agonizing--we often hear these young girls request an epidural to numb the sensation--and in some instances, when the health of the mom and/or baby is compromised, surgery is required.

In this sneak peek of Tuesday's all-new episode, we meet expecting teen Hope. Her doctor isn't satisfied with the progress she's making after 10 hours of labor, so he suggests a C-section to get the baby out. Hope's mom cries when the physician says he wants to perform a cesarean, but the operation goes smoothly, and within minutes, Hope cradles the infant--a boy--in her arms.

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