Swizz Beatz Seeks Hip Hop Renaissance On 'POV' [Video]

There's no doubt about it--rapper/producer Swizz Beatz has really "made it," as "Hip Hop POV" host and longtime friend Bu Thiam pointed out in the show's recent interview segment. But for all of his success, the guy says he will not rest until he's done his part to encourage youth to harness their talents and embrace their inner-entrepreneurs.

In an online-exclusive extended version of the crew's chat, Swizz says he's bent on becoming a leader in what he hopes will amount to the new artistic awakening. "That's my goal in life: To be the Renaissance man for my generation," he tells Bu below. "We've got a lot of followers, but we don't have enough leaders...I wanted to set a blueprint that people can follow where you wanna design cars, you wanna design watches...there's a certain blueprint to those things." Equally as important to artistic development, he says? Doing your homework, and knowing about the brands and field you want to break into. Yup--sadly, take-home assignments don't stop with a cap and gown...

+ Check out some pretty inspiring knowledge-bombs dropped by Swizz Beats, and hear the guy's take on being married to Grammy-winner and R&B star Alicia Keys, whom he credits for helping him stay focused and on-track.

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