Stepboys Leave A Big Footprint As They Walk Away From 'ABDC' [Video]

"ABDC" 7's crew of lovable comedians were cut from the competition tonight after a jaw-dropping, stunt-heavy performance fired up the judges and launched them into a heated debate over their choreography.

During the crew's four weeks in the ring, the always funny Stepboys made an undeniable impact on MTV audiences; love or hate them, no one will forget them. "As long as people are smiling and having a good time, we're winning," said four-eyed frontman Greg Saniatan at the start of the season. Given the grins we saw across the studio audience every time they hit the stage, we think it's safe to say they deserved a blue ribbon.

ABDC Insider host Layla Kayleigh Covino chatted with the eight Stepboys following the elimination, and in a rare moment of seriousness, the guys opened up about getting knocked out. Check out the interview here:

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Photo: Kareem Black