Pauly D Gives Big Jerry Some Very Bad Dating Advice [Sneak Peek]

Sure, Jerry's the kinda guy that disrobes and belly-dances at Moroccan eateries, but as ridiculous as he sometimes acts, most single women in search of love want someone who can make them laugh. And, on Thursday night's new episode of "The Pauly D Project," the bodyguard with a big heart gets a shot at impressing an actual female with his comedic flare.

Yes, world, Jerry is about to go on his first post-high school date.

In the below sneak peek, Jer looks to his good friend and indisputable chick magnet Pauly D for some romance guidance. "Ask her questions, ask her if she shaves her koo-kah," the DJ suggests with a serious face. "You should give her a pet name right off the bat, like sweet cheeks or pumpkin lips."

If there's a matchmaking fairy out there, please make sure Jerry ignores ALL of Pauly's advice.

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