It's A Boy For Kristin Cavallari And Jay Cutler!

The happy couple poses at opening night Of Cirque du Soleil's 'OVO' earlier this year.

Baby overload is a common concern amongst loyal MTV blog readers--tracking Snooki's barely-there bump and Jessica Simpson's delayed delivery (congrats on finally giving birth, girl!) can be mentally exhausting--but we'd like to challenge your inner strength a bit more by drawing your attention back to mom-to-be Kristin Cavallari. The part-time Chicagoan returned to Los Angeles last week to take some business meetings, and while we couldn’t help but gawk at her noticeably larger belly, the question of its sex still loomed.

Now, thanks to Jay Cutler's Chicago Bears teammate (and the always reliable, we can announce that the couple is having a boy! Earl Bennett was on WSCR-AM 670's "The Boers & Bernstein Show" Monday, where he leaked the special intelligence. "New toys, a baby on the way--he's having a boy--I'm excited for Jay," Bennett said on-air. No word yet on how Cutvallari feel about their pal's loose lips, but we're super-duper happy for them (and, admittedly, already brainstorming names)!

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Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images