It's On And Poppin' For Ming And Tamara On Season 2 Of 'Awkward.' [Video]

Well, Beau and Brett filled you in on the "when," and now, Jessica Lu and Jillian Rose Reed (better known as Ming and Tamara, respectively) are out to give you the "what." The "Awkward" stars recently hinted at what's to come from Season 2 (which premieres on June 28, lest you forget), and while we're still a ways away from knowing the whole story, Jessica assured Clevver TV of one thing that will surely put fans' minds at ease: Ming's fashion compulsion is still alive and well, and even rivals that of the "Gossip Girl" cast. Oh, the hats that are sure to come...

The actresses behind Jenna Hamilton's BFFs gave their clevver interviewer the run-down at the premiere of "Never Fade Away," Matthew Fahey's (a.k.a. the thinly mustached Ricky Schwartz) web series. From elaboration on the great balloon prank to discussion on how Tamara and Ricky will navigate their back-and-forth relationship, the two gals' rapport might have viewers convinced they're just as close as their characters are. Does Ashley know about this?!

+ Check out the interview, and tell us if you agree with the idea that Jill's entitled to damages for her party supply-blocked bathroom.

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