'The Pauly D Project' Poll: How Would The Boys Fare As Military Soldiers?

Although it required them to take a night off from their very demanding Vegas party circuit, the "Project" boys were super honored when Pauly was invited to DJ at an army base during last week's episode. The troops even included the crew in their training exercises, which involved an obstacle course, guns and grenades of a highly different variety.

Scaling walls and handling firearms is no easy task, and some of the guys performed better than others. Aside from JROC, who already logged his time in the Marines, do you think any of them would survive some serious time in the sand? Scan through their individual skills, then take the poll and tell us who would best serve the red, white and blue.

Pauly D: Our resident DJ certainly knows how to keep morale up ("YEAHHHH BUDDY!"). Better yet, he's a human alarm clock--no one would ever sleep late!

Biggie: Honest, hard-working and dedicated, the roadie has all of the characteristics that make a successful soldier...except for, hate to say it, the athletic stamina. Whatever, desk jobs are important too!

Jerry: If dude could lose 60 pounds of jiggle in less than a year, then he's definitely got the will power and self-motivation to go far in the military. Plus, he runs security for a living!

Ryan: Sure, he'd have to quit the brown liquor, but Pauly's wingman would take a bullet before letting anyone mess with his brigade.

Who would be the best soldier?

  • Pauly
  • Biggie
  • Jerry
  • Ryan

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