'Punk'd' Poll: What Would You Have Done In Vanessa Hudgens' Place?

"Punk'd" is the type of show that makes everyone cringe with embarrassment, but thankfully, it's the celebs getting mind-f***ed, not us. But what if the tables turned and all of a sudden you unknowingly found yourself on the bad end of a mortifying prank? What decisions would you make? Let's put you in the stars' shoes and see how you'd manage, shall we?

On the last episode, "High School Musical" sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens rained on someone's parade (well, to be more specific, she watched a truck run into one). The beaming actress and singer got quite a surprise when the car blocking her own vehicle drove right through a parade float. Instead of getting out to attend to the accident, the awful driver sped off, leaving the model house he demolished in the dust. Hudgens and her crew had two choices: take off, or stay behind and duct tape the decorated platform back together.

+ Now, what would you have done in Hudgens' kicks? Would you have helped out the distressed parade planners with their hopeless float, or would you have high-tailed it out of there before the band caught up with you? Give us your gut reaction in the poll!

What would you have done in Vanessa Hudgens' place?

  • Left
  • Stayed

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