Stepboys Keep Jokey Spirits Alive Through 'ABDC' Drake Challenge [Sneak Peek]

It seems the glamorous life has served the resident jokers of "ABDC" well. Stepboys are set to take on the sounds of hip-hop star Drake in the next stage of the competition, and while the smiles plastered on the faces of each are sure signs they're having a good time, as usual, the guys nail their intricate moves all the while. Yup, even that full-grown teddy bear is on FIYAHHH!

The eight-piece crew proves class clowns can still be strong contenders in the below sneak peek of tonight's episode. While "Best I Ever Had" blasts in the background, the bow-tied bunch strike some Michael Jackson splits and rally around a life-sized stuffed animal. The best ours could do was say "I wuv you" over dying-battery static, so, naturally, we're pretty impressed this one's doing backflips.

Check out video from the next "ABDC," and make sure to tune in at 10/9c to see if this performance lands the crew in the judges' good graces.

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