Cara Maria Of 'The Challenge' Has Got A Bit Of Picasso In Her [Photo]

Acrylic interpretations by MTV's "Challenge" artist.

The ancient Greek statue, Venus de Milo, is famously known for her missing arms, but contemporary artist, Cara Maria, sees the goddess as more of a centaur with overdeveloped shoulders. At least that's what we've gathered from one of the "Challenge" vixen's hand-painted originals.

The tough girl with tons of clanking trinkets in her hair has already proven her artistic prowess with her novelty skull bead creations--which, it needs to be noted, she makes by hand--and now she's expanded her offerings to include avant-garde wall hangings. With eight canvases remaining in her Etsy shop, you can pick from a selection that includes a decapitated nude zombie and the aforementioned Venus de Bull. Cara is currently running a sale so she can make room for her newest visions and, welp, we might just have to buy one for our own office space, which could truthfully use a touch of culture.

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Images courtesy of MISSCARAMARIA's Etsy shop