Pregnant Myranda Has A Wardrobe Snafu While Getting Ready For Prom [Bonus Scene]

No matter which way you slice it, unplanned pregnancy robs teens of all kinds of opportunities, whether it be a college education or just the chance to hang out with friends. During the most recent episode of "16 and Pregnant," Myranda and her boyfriend Eric had to become financially independent as soon as they decided to keep their child, which meant that Eric needed to get on with his daily grind and Myranda needed to figure out how to get by on very little. Fortunately, though, there were people in their lives that helped out as much as they could so that the parents-to-be could still enjoy some social time.

Myranda and Eric share in some fun as they prep for prom in the bonus scene below. It's been a while since she's tried on her floor-length dress, and she's having a bit of trouble getting the zipper to close over her baby bump. Luckily, Grandma is there to wiggle everything into place before the couple's photo op. Even though we know this was a stressful point in their lives, it's sweet to see Myranda and Eric able to participate in such a memorable school event.

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