'Money From Strangers' Poll: Would You Rather Play Salami-Egg Baseball Or Make Like A Falafel Cop?

Monday's series premiere of "Money From Strangers" had us choking on our Chipotle--yes, we were laughing that hard. Well, it was more like a solid mix of laughing, gagging and cringing with the occasional snort. Not sure what was more unbelievable--the dares dreamed up by Jeff Dye and his comedian cronies or the fact that real people would actually do this stuff in public for cash. Two insane pranks stood out:

It's a Grand Salami! As if singing "The Meat Man's Comin'" while tossing ground beef in shoppers' carts wasn't bad enough, Justin was asked to make like Derek Jeter by batting raw eggs--using a giant salami--down the aisle of a Staten Island supermarket. Upon completion of three egg-hits, he had to make a home run around the store, shouting like a lunatic, "IT'S A GRAND SALAMI!" More like a grand embarrassment.

Hi, I'm a Falafel Cop. For $1,000, Devin had to wreak havoc inside a teeny, tiny falafel shop. Like, nowhere-to-hide tiny. At one point, the poor girl was asked to approach a customer and say, "Hi, I'm a falafel cop. I'm gonna have to look in that bag. Assure me you got no tzatziki in there." When asked to leave, she shouted, "I AM A SERGEANT IN THE FALAFEL POLICE DEPARTMENT! I'm going to need to report you." We're not entirely sure what happened next, because we were crying.

+ Which would you rather do: Go all Babe Ruth in a grocery store with a meat stick or make like the falafel popo? You have to choose one, but sorry, we don't have any money to offer.

Would you rather...play salami-egg baseball or make like a falafel cop?

  • Batting raw eggs around a supermarket with lunch meat sounds AWESOME.
  • I could totally fake-arrest someone for possession of tzatziki.

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