'Savage' Q&A: Is Bathroom-Induced Arousal Something Worth Concern?

As if discussion surrounding the physics of buttholes wasn't proof enough that there is no topic Dan Savage won't touch, the "Savage U" sexpert continues to drive home the point that he's ready to answer your most burning bedroom-centric questions. Or, in this case, bathroom-centric...

The famously foul-mouthed radio and Podcast host addresses the fundamentals of location-specific hot zones in the below web-exclusive Q&A segment. Facebook fan Alexander H. is sure getting an erection each time he enters a bathroom means he's a freak, but Dan reassures him: different strokes for different folks. And in broader strokes (so many strokes!), a forlorn Facebook user asks Dan how exactly to extract herself from the land of broken hearts, where she's been an unwilling resident for nearly six months. Blunt Dan has no tricks up his sleeve with this one--he relays that, unfortunately, mourning a failed relationship is just a part of life. We, on the other hand, recommend smashing things. Do you have more dinner plates than you need?

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