'Savage U' Sound-off: Can You Relate To Keeping A Sex Secret?

University of Illinois at Chicago students might be largely made up of commuters, but the school's home to many a skeleton in many a closet, as we learned on tonight's "Savage U." From a third-year who thought long-distance travel would be a relationship deal-breaker to another who was convinced a certain transformation might render her undateable, students who had misgivings about coming clean mainly got the following advice from Dan during his hometown visit: Be brave. Effective and to the point, but we were thinking you guys might have some insight to offer, as well.

Michael, who lived two hours away from campus, told Dan he was having trouble selling his foreigner status. Maria, who recently split with her longtime boyfriend, said she was torn apart over having to disclose her status as a herpes carrier to each of her future partners. And Alexis, who was still anxious over potential rejection from guys who might deny her as a transgender woman, agonized over finding the courage to be honest. Ultimately, Dan pointed out that each of the three were suffering through blessings in disguise: As soon as they swallowed their fears and told the truth, they'd draw a clear line between decent human beings and judgmental douchebags. It took a little time to sink in, but everyone eventually seemed relieved that they suddenly held a new power at their disposal.

+ So, tell us, have you ever had to come clean with a sig other about a secret? How did the conversation go and what did you learn from it? Tell us in the comments, and share any advice you have with the students!

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