'16 And Pregnant' Poll: Should Myranda Have Been More Accepting Of Her Mom?

Expecting teen Myranda grew up without a reliable mother figure, so when she and her boyfriend, Eric, learned they were having a baby on tonight's episode of "16 and Pregnant," she made it her personal mission to become a strong, supportive parent. Myranda's mother, Billie, battled with an addiction for many years and missed out on much of Myranda's life, but when she heard about the pregnancy, she wanted to be included. The young couple reluctantly let her back in, but Billie dropped the ball once again when she didn't show up for Myranda's ultrasound appointment.

After Kaylee was born, Myranda finally agreed to allow her mom to babysit so that she and Eric could have a nice night out. But when Billie didn't answer a phone call, the couple rushed back home. Luckily, everything turned out to be okay with Kaylee, though Myranda told Billie that, even though she was staying sober, it would be a while before she'd spend time alone with her daughter again.

+ Billie was sticking to her rehab program and really wanted to get closer with her granddaughter. Do you think Myranda should have been more forgiving, or did she do the right thing by acting cautious? Take the poll and weigh in!

Should Myranda have been more accepting of her mom?

  • Yes, Billie was trying really hard.
  • No, Billie was always disappointing her.

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