'The Situation' Tweets A Pic Of His Childhood Karate Class

Sitch wears his red belt with pride.

Well, we suppose you can't develop into the Mr. Miagi of the "Jersey Shore" house without first learning the fundamentals, and after tweeting a photo of his childhood karate class, it seems "The Situation" has been prepping for high-kicks ever since he was a wee-one.

In accompaniment to the rather cute image above, Mike declared himself "Jean Claude Van Sitch" (for the umpteenth time). His belt might only be an amateur red, but the snarl he's sporting surely had his opponents shaking in their junior-sized light-up boots. If his current athletic determination is any indication (trying to careen through several feet of cement with your head ain't for the weak of heart), we're sure its black counterpart was just around the corner.

+ Tell us what you think of Mike's pic, and compare it to his pumped-up fighting stance below. Think any of his housemates will take him on in Season 6, or will he have to continue training alone?

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Photo courtesy of @ItsTheSituation