The 5 Best Fat Guy Moments (So Far) From 'The Pauly D Project'

While Pauly D and Ryan are busy flitting about and working their ridiculously ripped abs to reel in chicks, sweet Biggie and lash-tastic Jerry are frequently found in the background of "The Pauly D Project" making sure sh**'s taken care of and the crazies are kept at bay.

We genuinely can't get enough of these gentle giants (spin-off, please!), with their mad lady-respect and endearingly self-deprecating "Fat Guy" references. Biggie's obviously a taken man (awkward phone calls and all), and Jerry would like to meet a nice girl (*raises hand*), despite being a tad shy around the female population at large. And as for being an FG, well, welcome to the club. Who has two thumbs, loves cupcakes and loathes Weight Watchers? This Fat Girl!

Our favorite Jer-gie FG moments from the show, for your reading pleasure...

Jerry belly-flops into Ryan's date. In the series premiere, Big Jer waltzed in on Ryan's poolside dalliance wearing trunks and a smokin' hot shower cap. "If you have a sister who's into big guys, I'll give you my cell phone number," Jerry cooed at the boobylicious broad. And that's when she decided to call it a night. "It's mad hard being a plus-size man in today's world," said Jer. (Um, do I have to ask twice?)

The impromptu man-boob reveal. Before his big Vegas audition, Pauly and his bros sat down for a casual dinner. While PD was hoping to thank his crew for their support, Jerry felt the need to randomly flash his unsupported moobs. Reason #147 why we love the guy.

It's gettin' hot in herrre. This hilarious bonus scene showed us that even Biggie can get hot-headed, especially when you mess with the man's thermostat. When Pauly and Ryan snuck into Biggie's bedroom and cranked up the temperature to a sweltering 90 degrees, a groggy Papa Bear got all sorts of cranky--and rightfully so.  "Don't f*** with a fat guy's thermostat," he said. Word.

Trampoline=1. FG=0. What do you get when you put two self-proclaimed FGs inside a giant bouncy castle built for adults? This bonus clip of the guys at Sky Zone. While PD and Ryan were slam-dunking and doing flips, Biggie and Jerry had a tougher time. "When you're a man of our size, you're just there on a trampoline getting shown up by little kids," Jer confessed. "Sky Zone is not fat-man friendly."

The battle of the dancing bellies. Always lookin' to spice up a party, Jerry revealed his moobs once again during Episode 5... also during dinner. Jer gave a Moroccan belly dancer a run for her beaded bra when he came out of the restroom sans shirt, ready to make like a life-sized salt shaker. Biggie described the incident as, "If you put a fat man in the back of a pickup truck going down a bumpy road, that's Jerry's belly dancing." We say few things are sexier than a man who'll stop at nothing to make his bros laugh--even if that means flashing your moobs once or five times.

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