Rob And Justin Reminisce About The Time They Lied To Mrs. Bieber [Bonus Scene]

While Rob Dyrdek and the pop sensation he considers to be "more famous than Canada," Justin Bieber, don't share the same talents (unless you consider Blobby Light a musician), the boys have crossed paths on numerous occasions, including tonight's return of "Ridiculousness." The professional skateboarder and curator of all things hilar invited Biebs to guest judge on his show, but not without putting JB on the spot for his failed attempts at pranking Rob during a recent episode of "Punk'd."

At some point between viewing old footage of Justin and leading the audience through a handful of viral bloopers, Rob dug deep into his box of Bieber memorabilia and pulled out a "remember when" moment from "Fantasy Factory." In the below bonus scene from tonight's "Ridiculousness" premiere, the stuntman reminisces about the time he lied to Mrs. Bieber about the high-powered T-Rex vehicle he gifted Justin. You know, the one they almost died inside? Something tells us she's not gonna find the story as funny as they do.

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