Snooki Defends Herself: 'I NEVER Dissed Jessica Simpson'

Snooks flashes her 5-month figure at a tanning event in Chicago.

Here at Remote Control, we've been closely monitoring the growth of two very important baby bumps: those of L.A. girl-turned-Chicagoan Kristin Cavallari, and, of course, Snooki.

While the former Hillzie's belly popped long ago, our "Jersey Shore" mom-to-be's mini-meatball is taking its sweet time to marinate (her hair, on the other hand, doubled in length overnight), and in a recent interview with, Snooks boasted about her trim physique when asked about maternity wear, which she hasn't yet needed: "I'm so skinny that I can wear larges or extra larges." When the topic of Jessica Simpson, who's been criticized for her noticeable weight gain while preggers, came up, the guidette cracked a joke, saying, "I would die if I were her size."

Not surprisingly, gossip rags tried to start a war between the two stars, which caused Nicole to immediately put out the fire on Twitter. "I NEVER dissed Jessica Simpson you weirdo tabloids, get over it with your 'pregnant war' articles. I love the girl and her hot ass bump," she wrote to her followers. It's a good thing, cuz MILFs hovering around the 5-foot mark gotta stick together!

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Photo: Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images