That's What You Said...About Jordan And Tyler's Interracial Relationship

While it's not uncommon to see parents up in arms over an unplanned pregnancy on "16 and Pregnant," the most recent episode told an even more complex story of disapproval than we're used to seeing. Expecting teen Jordan was in an interracial relationship with her boyfriend, Tyler, and Jordan's mom disliked it so much that she wouldn't allow him inside her home. Following the episode, we asked fans whether or not they thought Jordan's mom, Kelly, was to blame for Jordan and Tyler's eventual breakup. Here's a sample of what was posted on Remote Control and Facebook.

Remote Control:

"I was so excited at the beginning of this episode to see a young father be truly excited for the arrival of his child. Jordan and Tyler seemed like they were so happy and had such a strong connection. Their decisions made together were wise ones. They both said they were going to stand their ground when Kelly's fury started. Let me just say, Tyler's personality is obviously nonconfrontational. He's type B personality, very shy, yet extremely caring and a genuine, nice person. Kelly dislikes him because "he looks dirty and he's disrespectful." How can he disrespect you if you've never even given the boy a chance?" -- carlymichelle

"This entire episode got me so upset that I couldn't even watch it entirely. Especially the part where everyone kept bad-mouthing Tyler like he was some hideous guy. Love is love it shouldn't matter who someone loves. It's their choice. It also shows what kind of parent she is because her kids were ready to attack Tyler when he showed up." -- K'

"Jordan's mother is totally prejudiced and she was 100 percent wrong about pushing Tyler out of the picture. I am a grandmother of three biracial grandchildren, and my daughter was married to a white man ( my ex-son-in-law) whom I accepted as my daughter's husband." -- Elizabeth


"Her mother needs professional help. That woman has some deep prejudices, racial issues and is a huge manipulator. If she hates him just for the color of his skin, does she realize that the baby will also be half white?" -- Kaitlyn

"Yes, not only did she hate him, but her brothers were doing the same thing. I think they ALL need to sit down like adults and bury the hatchet for the sake of Chase." -- Denise

"She played a huge role in breaking them up. I do not blame him at all for not wanting to go over to Jordan's house! They treated him like s*** from day one, and then they just expect him to be OK with it?" -- Blair

+ Do you think Kelly was responsible in any way for tearing Jordan and Tyler apart, or did their relationship crumble for other reasons? Let's keep the convo going.

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