Ian Harding, Vanessa Hudgens Or Josh Hutcherson: Who Got 'Punk'd' The Hardest?

As part of the teen drama "Pretty Little Liars," Lucy Hale's no stranger to reading through sordid plotlines. So when "Punk'd" called the young starlet up to use her knowledge of fictional mess-making for the purpose of pranking evil, the Tinseltown up-and-comer thankfully obliged, and expertly knocked down three of her fellow Hollywood stars without blinking.

To ensure a victory on the first go-around, Lucy put "PLL" costar (whom she noted was quite gullible...) Ian Harding in her cross hairs. She told the guy that notorious L.A. spray-painter Banksy--coincidentally Ian's favorite artist--was holding an exclusive tagging party and demanded he join her. Things started out innocently enough, and when Ian got the nod to actually help his fake-idol deface a billboard, he looked elated to lend a hand--that is, until the fake cops caught on and stopped him in his tracks. When it looked as though the guy might shed some tears while facing a pseudo-jail sentence (and after selling Lucy out--uncool, dude), his friend popped out, let the cat out of the bag and guaranteed an incredibly awkward Monday morning back on set.

Next, with the help of Sarah Hyland of "Modern Family," Lucy moved to knock Vanessa Hudgens down a few pegs. The actress, singer and undisputed favorite of teen audiences bore witness to a hit-and-run after a clueless driver careened through a parade's main float and sped off. Instead of leaving the heavily ballooned structure's designer to fend for himself, Vanessa decided to stay and help, but was caught off-guard all the same when Lucy told her she'd been the victim of a prank. V seemed relieved that the day's disaster was just a joke...at her expense.

"The Hunger Games" heartthrob Josh Hutcherson thought a standard lunch with a couple of friends was in his future when he made a pit stop at a coffee shop en route, but quickly picked up on the fact that he was being followed. When the evidence was unarguable, Josh and his friend called the non-police to report the bizarre behavior and were directed to a secret trailer on the side of the road. Once inside, the guy's friend was crucified for mistakenly taking a java that had been planted for a potential criminal instead of her own, and things went downhill from there. When Josh started to panic at the idea that he'd entered the government conspiracy fray, Lucy--aka the 9-1-1 respondent--popped in, and instantly he knew he'd been duped. Poor Peeta...

+ So, between a trio of teen sensations, who should hang his or her head the lowest?

Who got hit by the hardest prank?

  • Ian Harding
  • Vanessa Hudgens
  • Josh Hutcherson

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