Your First Look At MTV's 'Snooki & JWOWW' Series [Video]

Back in March, a little spicy meatball known as Snooki shocked the entire world (not an overstatement) when she announced that her oven was cooking a bun. Both fans and haters alike were all, "What. The. Holy. Mother. F***er. No. Really. What?" Hundreds of watercooler questions surfaced, such as "How the hell is this crazy party girl gonna get her act together before the baby comes?" And while many people were busy being skeptics, we just sat here with big poo-eating grins (actually, it was cupcakes), knowing full well that a) Nicole is a sweet, nurturing person that's quite capable of calming down her act and trading in Alabama Slammers for pop, and b) everyone would see proof of the fact when MTV's "Laverne & Shirley" "Snooki & JWOWW" premiered in the summer.

In the trailer below, you'll find that no stone was left unturned while documenting the mom-to-be's early pregnancy. You wanted to know how Snooki told JWOWW the news? It's in there. You wanted to know how a dedicated guidette dresses up her baby bump? It's in there. You wanted to know what her sonogram was like? No, you probably didn't, but hey, it's in there, too.

Get your first look at the new series, and check out exclusive pics from inside the girls' MTV photo shoot, if just to glimpse the portable bronzing system they bought for their loft.

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