Pregnant Myranda's New Home Is Far From A Dream [Sneak Peek]

Whenever young couples decide to raise a child together, figuring out where to live is typically one of their first issues to tackle. In the most recent episode of "16 and Pregnant," the drama surrounding Jordan and Tyler's relationship was rooted in their living situation--Jordan's mom disapproved of Tyler and wasn't welcoming of him inside her home. Unfortunately, trying to maintain two separate addresses, among other problems, eventually tore Jordan and Tyler apart.

In this sneak peek of Tuesday's all-new episode, Myranda and her boyfriend Eric have chosen to get a place together before their baby arrives. However, when the parents-to-be step inside their new home, they're horrified by what they see: a collection of empty mattresses, a nonfunctioning stove and piles of trash in every corner. It's going to take a major cleanup and baby-proofing to get it in good enough shape for an infant.

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