'The Pauly D Project' Poll: Is Biggie Being A Good Boyfriend?

Everyone has an opinion on long-distance relationships, and now we want to hear yours. Even though Biggie is rocking out to Pauly D's tunes on the West Coast, his heart seems to be stuck in Rhode Island with his girlfriend, Mary Jane. The group's Papa Bear has made it pretty clear that he and his lady are the real deal, even admitting to thinking about marriage once everyone returns home. But while Biggie is planning for wedding bells, that doesn't mean everything is honky dory between the couple. We've witnessed quite a few awkward phone calls and unanswered I love you's since he's moved to Sin City. The kept man has started going out to the clubs more (though, to be fair, he does seem to spend most of his time babysitting Ryan).

+ Do you think Biggie's Vegas behavior earns him a cold shoulder from Mary Jane? Or is she unnecessarily worried about what's going down? Put on your couples therapy thinking cap and take the poll!

Is Biggie being a good boyfriend in Vegas?

  • Yes, Mary Jane's got a keeper!
  • Not really, he's been partying too hard.

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