'Punk'd' Poll: What Would You Have Done In Shenae's Place?

"Punk'D" is the type of show that makes everyone cringe with embarrassment, but thankfully, it's the celebs getting mind-f***ed, not us. But what if the tables turned and all of a sudden you unknowingly found yourself on the bad end of a mortifying prank? What decisions would you make? Let's put you in the stars' shoes and see how you'd manage, shall we?

Last week, "90210" star Shenae Grimes found an adorable puppy and called both numbers on its tag to locate the owner. The guy that came to collect the pet turned out to be a skeezy fellow with poor pickup lines. Grimes surrendered the pup to the creeper anyway, only to find out that he was a fraud when the real owner showed up moments later. (Ruh-Roh!)

+ Quick, if you were in Shenae's spot, what would you have done? Would you have handed over the pooch to the sketchball in the beanie, or would you have suspected something was off based on your weird-o-meter? Give us your gut reaction in the poll!

What would you have done with the missing doggie?

  • I would've given him to the alleged owner.
  • That dude was a creep, I would've held onto the pup.

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