The Pageant Brings Out Rob Dyrdek's Jealous Side [Bonus Scene]

Put Rob Dyrdek on a gnarly bike ramp or in front of an eager crowd of car enthusiasts who want to see him kick flip a Chevy, and the skateboard legend will throw caution to the wind and do something so terrifying that you feel like a complete wuss in comparison. In fact, everything we've learned about Rob after watching five seasons of "Fantasy Factory" leads us to believe there's nothing that can cause him fear or question his talents. Unless, of course, it's a beauty pageant.

While helping his Factory children Chanel and Drama prep backstage at the Cover Miss and Cover Boy Pageant during Episode 12, Rob evidently got a case of jealousy after checking out the handsome competition. In the bonus scene below, a defeated Rob tells everyone that he wishes he was pretty enough to enter. "I'm kinda beat up," he says, before focusing his energy on pumping up the other contestants.

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