Pick Your Favorite Dress-Up Moment From Season 5 Of 'Fantasy Factory'

Whether Rob Dyrdek and his "Fantasy Factory" employees got their medieval live-action role play on or Big Black solely transformed into a giant ass for a celebratory musical, outrageous costumes were de rigueur during Season 5. Sure, the skateboard legend also nailed some sick stunts and created hilarious viral videos, but it was his visual creativity and follow-through that will stick with us the most. Here, we've picked our five favorite guises and left it up to you to select the best. Check 'em out and vote in the poll!

1. Rob summons extraterrestrial life (Episode 12)

2. The Factory crew gets their LARP on (Episode 9)

3. Rob and Big hit the "Livin' It" stage (Episode 7)

4. Man Dump, Blobby Light and Lil Pig make their grand entrance (Episode 3)

5. Super Sonic Rob nails a crash landing into a mountain of boxes (Episode 1)

What was your favorite costume this season?

  • Extraterrestrials
  • LARP
  • Livin' It
  • Blobby Light and Co.
  • Super Sonic Rob

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