Check Out The Official Book Cover For Snooki's 'Gorilla Beach' [Photo]

Two sets of 6-packs may just carry Snooki all the way to the bestsellers list.

Pregnancy cravings, wedding planning, a "Jersey Shore" spin-off...our little Snooki sure has been busy, but not too busy to prevent her from completing her latest weighty tome, "Gorilla Beach." On the heels of last year's successful "A Shore Thing," the new novel follows Giovanna "Gia" Spumanti and Isabella "Bella" Rizzoli as they tear up the surf and sand in search of love. "Gorilla Beach" is slated to hit shelves May 15 (although it's available for pre-order now), and just today, the spunky author leaked an image of her colorful book cover on Facebook. (That's one big byline, Snooks!)

Earlier this year, MTV's literary luminary shared cover options from the shoot, and it appears as if she listened to her fans, who said they preferred the above image to a second choice of her squeezing the life out of a beefcake's bicep.

+ Take a look at the art, and tell us if you'll be picking up the meatball's novel when it's hot off the press next month!

Snooki's the modern-day Coppertone girl.

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Images courtesy of Snooki's Facebook