MTV Twitter Roundup: JWOWW Shares Tips On Co-Showering

The term "April showers" usually conjures up thoughts of sporadic springtime downpours followed by sunshine, but for JWOWW, who's been busy demonstrating the adhesive powers behind her gravity-defying bikini collection, it means one thing only: getting nekkid. The "Jersey Shore" swimsuit designer released some wet and wild smushing techniques this week in honor of the current precipitous month, which, if you click on the link in her tweet, advise against underarm shaving while showering with a partner. (We never would've thought to include that in a listicle, but she makes a good point.)

Jenni's roommates, who probably have their own two-person (or three-person...) bathing tips, were also active on the webs this week. New author Vinny shared a very touching story from his recent book signing in New Jersey (guy's got such a good heart!), and Pauly made a public statement about his fondness for California girls. It's cool that you like 'em, just make sure you come back to the best coast, kid.

+ Check out what MTV's best and brightest had to say on Twitter this week:

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Photo: Josh Kessler