The Magic Behind JWOWW's Swimsuit Line Revealed On 'Access Hollywood'

When a swimwear model motions to untie her bikini top on live television, you can typically expect some disturbance in the censor room, but the opposite happened on "Access Hollywood" this week. JWOWW joined hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover to showcase her new Perfect Tan Bikini line via a fashion show, and as the "Jersey Shore" designer explained the adhesive powers behind her gravity-defying collection, busty models intentionally unfastened their tops, sending the seemingly unprepared hosts into a mild panic. "Where are you going with that?" Bush asked in fear that they'd need to take a sudden commercial break due to nudity.

But after four women removed crucial pieces to their triangle tops and nothing but a freckle popped out, Jenni continued to describe how it all worked. "The hotter that you get, the more it sticks," Jenni says of her product in the segment below. "We have silicon adhesives, you take off the tape when you're ready."

And to really put the suits to the test, Bush, who was terrified of possible slippage about 2 minutes prior, challenged the girls to a one-foot hopping contest. Oh, boys.

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