Jordan Gets So Upset That She Leaves Her Own Baby Shower [Sneak Peek]

Life can feel very isolating when the people closest to you don't support your decision to parent, and during the most recent episode of "16 and Pregnant," Alex's friends and boyfriend certainly didn't agree with her choice to become a mom. Adoption was the route everyone wanted her to pursue, and even though they all made valid arguments, Alex went with what felt right and dove headfirst into motherhood.

In this sneak peek of Tuesday's all-new episode, we'll meet a young girl named Jordan that's experiencing similar feelings of solitude. In the midst of opening up presents at her baby shower, her friends comment on how surprised they were to find out who her baby's father was. Jordan deals with their disapproving remarks about his appearance as best she can, but when her mom gives her a hard time and reminds her that she's the boss of the house, the pregnant teen gets fed up and asks her boyfriend, Tyler, to come pick her up early. It's a shame she has to leave her own party.

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