Rob And Big Are Bent On Moving Your Bowels On 'Fantasy Factory' [Sneak Peek]

Screw laxatives, and let go of that old wives' tale that coffee is a foolproof way to get a good BM. All you need to release that backed-up system is a helping or two from the Big Black buffet, and if his "Fantasy Factory" culinary prospects pan out, you'll be dumping 'round the clock. Ready that Febreeze, friends.

Big and Rob talk menu innovation in this sneak peek of one of Monday night's two brand-new episodes, and they are sparing no fiber-filled expense. A little chili there, some broccoli stems there and POW! Prune juice, who? "You are gonna blow dump through your shorts when you finish that," Rob assures his partner in crime. Here's hoping that you have a reliable dry cleaner on standby.

+ Check out the video below, and tell us if the booty blow-off, butt-break special or any of the fine cuisine featured tickles your gastrointestinal fancy. LET THE BOWEL-MOVEMENT BONANZA BEGIN!

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