Chanel Has To Rap For Her Life Against A 'Fantasy' Wizard [Bonus Scene]

Sure, Chanel's reputation with Rob was at stake when she spit a verse or two about her "cookie," but the "Fantasy Factory" MC's LIFE is on the line when she has to defeat a wizard with a rap...well, at least as far as a live-action role-playing game is concerned...

In this Episode 9 bonus scene, Chanel, the assigned "mage," has to go head-to-head with an ill-nasty magic-caster to get a key. "I'm cold as ice, like a blizzard. I don't care about you whack-ass wizard," she begins with the hope of defeating the guy and moving on in the game. But he's not ready to go down without a fight, so he bites back. Still, tenacious Chanel is determined to pull through and hits him with another verse. "I'm a mage, this battle's a drag, but I'm going to kill you with this magical bag," she threatens. Then, with one final laser-focused throw, she takes down the magician with her own spell. "Where's the key?" she asks while her team celebrates, and the dead magician kindly points out that it's over by the stone slabs. He might be dead, but chivalry certainly isn't.

+ Take a look at the clip below, and tell us if you're impressed with Chanel's method of fantasy battle.

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