Teen Mom Alex On Her Ex: 'He Has Basically Killed Me Inside' [Video]

Not all bad boyfriends start off that way. According to young mom Alex from tonight's "16 and Pregnant," her baby's father wasn't always a disappointment. In fact, she was originally attracted to Matt because of his sensitivity. "He was always there for me," she says in the clips below from our recent interview with the teen. But that was before her dream guy started partying hard, failing to come through during crucial moments of her pregnancy. Even after the baby was born, Matt couldn't be relied upon to help out, or even show up.

For as much as Alex struggled to rescue the reliable person she first fell in love with, her efforts fell on deaf ears and glazed stares, and now she refers to Matt as a lost cause. Through it all, however, she's come to accept her own part in the problem. She comments in the videos that she alone is responsible for her own heartache, as she continued to expect things from Matt that he wasn't capable of delivering. "I knew better," she admits with shame.

It will take a long time for Alex to heal from Matt's physical and mental disappearance from her life, and she's currently suffering the worst of it. "He has basically killed me inside," she says.

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