Chet From 'Real World' And 'The Challenge' Wants To Make You A Modern Day Gatsby!

If you want the perfect bagel, you go to New York City. If you want the perfect bow tie, you go to Chet Cannon from "The Challenge" and "Real World: Brooklyn." The 21st century's Gatsby equivalent has officially launched his own line of striped, dotted and multitoned neck adornments, and we must ask: Who better to mass market the old-school clothing accessory than the guy who'd probably run back into a burning building to save his own?

Chet has officially launched "Chester Pink," an online host to bow ties, "wild rags" and instructions on how to successfully operate each (thank the good Lord), and we have to say--it's all looking pretty good. Were it not for our aversion to wearing nice things at the risk of spilling...anything...on them, we might have placed an order for "The Spenny" or classed things up with an elegant "Sally Lu," each for less than $40. That's quality and affordability, friends.

Check out one of Chet's many designs below, take notice of an extremely useful how-to video (seriously...that sh**'s hard) and place an order pronto to manage the look of the best-dressed alum in Bunim-Murray history.

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