'True Life' Check-In: Rocky Thanks MTV Viewers For Their Support

On tonight's "True Life Presents: I'm Getting a Second Chance," we were reintroduced to Rocky, a previously heavy guy that's been struggling with his new body image ever since he shed the weight. So how has he been doing since the show taped? Check out our Q&A update below.


Are you still living at home?

I'm still at home. My family is far from the "Brady Bunch" or any distant relative, but on the positive side, the dynamic has improved greatly as a result of the show. Hands down to Laurie Gerber, the Handel Group, Josh Haygood and the entire production staff for their great efforts and persistence. Through this journey of self-realization, my family and I finally saw the possibility of change and are now taking steps towards actualizing complete happiness at home.

Have you been able to maintain the healthy lifestyle you created?

Laurie has helped me tremendously in creating a healthy lifestyle. I've been battling weight my whole life. As you saw in the show, skinny doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. I've established a track record of failed and aborted diets, starting from when I was first referred to as "fat" and "ugly." I've come to realize you can't change everyone.

What was it like sharing your story with us?

It's scary to finally express to people how I feel. I spent my entire life hiding in my room with food. This was a unique opportunity where I could finally show people just how serious my excess skin, body image and mental well-being were. Surprisingly, MTV viewers became my support system after my first "True Life" episode. People from all over the world began cheering me on to face the visual and come to terms with the mental.

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