Chanel And Rob Invite Ghosts Into The 'Factory' [Sneak Peek]

You never know what kind of bizarre plans Rob Dyrdek has up his sleeve for the "Fantasy Factory" crew. Just this season alone, the guy's dressed up his team as morbidly obese versions of themselves and made a music video; convinced his cousin Big Cat, who just wanted to do something as innocuous as create a viral video, to mount a rhino; and even built a dirt park inside the funhouse so he and Drama could determine who is the better bike rider. At this point, is there anything the skateboard pro could do that would surprise you? (Don't answer that yet.)

In this sneak peek of Monday's back-to-back episodes, Rob continues his creative streak by inviting two psychics that see dead people to join the gang. Big Black's skepticism is as obvious as his nerd glasses, but the medium, who sounds more like the victim of vile gastrointestinal troubles, ignores Black and goes about his routine. First he asks if the name Carl means anything to anyone. "Carl's Jr., I had a turkey burger last week," Big Black jokingly says, and since no one really knows a Carl, he moves on to other spirits he sees in the room: Dorothy, Doris, Stephanie, Stephy, Alice, Marci, an M name … Bueller?

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