Pauly D On Christina: 'I Was In Love That Night'

Ryan hadn't even gargled out his morning breath during tonight's episode of "The Pauly D Project" before Biggie and Jerry ambushed him with a fighting intervention. Pauly overheard all the ruckus downstairs, but he had no desire to get involved. And can you blame him? Dude's in Vegas--the only things that matter to him right now are advancing his DJ career and finding girls to bring home (that aren't too DTF, obviously).

Ignoring their antics was key, as the guy had a GBDC gig to kill and a scary Elvira look-alike to dodge. The former mission was a success; the latter took a bit more effort. But the boys' brush with the D-squad wasn't enough to throw Pauly off his Sin City game, as evidenced by the arrival of Christina. Something about her--perhaps that pretty smile or (OK, we're stumped)--turned Pauly into quite a sap, and frankly, we were a little concerned.

Luckily, after watching this clip from our latest episode of "VIP Lounge," where Vinny demands to hear more about the girl Pauly deemed worthy of a hand-holding, it's pretty obvious things didn't go much further with Pauly's so-called dream girl. "I was in love that night," he tells his buddy Vin. (Phew.)

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