'The Situation' Gets Naked For 'Titanic 3D' Movie Promo

"Draw me like one of your French girls."

Leonardo DiCaprio groupies have dreamt it, crafty interwebbers have meme'd it and we even once said it during a highly awkward moment, in which we were sprawled across a couch in a very loopy, belly-roll-on-display fashion (way past the height of "Titanic"'s popularity, might we add).

You best be prepared for more.

Hollywood magician James Cameron has released his 3-D conversion, successfully resuscitating the "Titanic" phenomenon and making it OK for us to happily continue referencing the famous scene between Leo and Kate Winslet. And, creating a space for pop culture captains like "The Situation" to jump on the bandwagon sinking ship, too.

In this promo for the just-released film, "Titanic 3D,"  Mike unabashedly strips down to his six-pack and poses on the couch exactly the way Rose did in the original. Sweet, artistic Jack sketches the "Jersey Shore" gorilla in the buff, while Mike makes sure to show off every striation in his ab muscles. Sexy beast.

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