New Mom Alex Can't Take Her Boyfriend's Laziness Any Longer [Sneak Peek]

Throughout each season of "16 and Pregnant," we often see teenage dads drop the ball on their fathering duties, and as common as it may be, it's always very unsettling to watch young moms plead with their disinterested baby's fathers to provide them with more (more attention, more commitment and more financial support). During the latest episode of the show, Lindsey's boyfriend, Forest, withdrew from their relationship when he first heard she was expecting, and even though they eventually got back together, he never found a job or stepped up in a meaningful way.

In the below sneak peek of Tuesday's all-new episode, we'll meet a high school student named Alex that's experiencing the same sort of heartbreak as Lindsey. Her boyfriend, Matt, is visibly distracted when he comes over to visit their daughter, and when Alex gets emotional over his unreliability, he deflects the blame by reminding her that they were unprepared to be parents. This is definitely not the sort of comfort she was hoping for.

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