Watch Rob Dyrdek’s ‘Livin’ It’ Musical In Its Entirety [Bonus Scene]

A work hang-up or unreliable babysitter might have forced you to decline tickets to the live show, but luckily, the full version of “Livin’ It,” Rob Dyrdek’s musical gift to his 25-year-old cousin, Chris “Drama” Pfaff, is now available online in its entirety! And take it from me–someone who passes by “The Lion King” on Broadway to and from work–it’s every bit as spellbinding and chill-inducing as you would imagine. Watchu got, Mufasa?

Rob-the-actor demonstrates just how many hats he can wear in the Episode 7 bonus scene below, and from start to finish, it’s a high-energy production worthy of the Minskoff. He song-and-dances everything from Drama’s first steps out of a minivan onto Los Angeles soil to surgery that yields a million-dollar smile. Plus, you get to see Big Black dressed as his own ass and Chanel in animal suits. What more could you ask for?

+ Check out the clip, and tell us if you think there’s a Tony or two in the show’s future.

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