Watch Rob Dyrdek's 'Livin' It' Musical In Its Entirety [Bonus Scene]

A work hang-up or unreliable babysitter might have forced you to decline tickets to the live show, but luckily, the full version of "Livin' It," Rob Dyrdek's musical gift to his 25-year-old cousin, Chris "Drama" Pfaff, is now available online in its entirety! And take it from me--someone who passes by "The Lion King" on Broadway to and from work--it's every bit as spellbinding and chill-inducing as you would imagine. Watchu got, Mufasa?

Rob-the-actor demonstrates just how many hats he can wear in the Episode 7 bonus scene below, and from start to finish, it's a high-energy production worthy of the Minskoff. He song-and-dances everything from Drama's first steps out of a minivan onto Los Angeles soil to surgery that yields a million-dollar smile. Plus, you get to see Big Black dressed as his own ass and Chanel in animal suits. What more could you ask for?

+ Check out the clip, and tell us if you think there's a Tony or two in the show's future.

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