An Academy Award Nominee Declares Herself 'DTF' For Pauly D On 'Live'

Pauly D guest DJs a set on 'Live With Kelly' this morning.

When Pauly D makes his way to the Jersey Shore each summer, there's no type of girl he can't land. Blondes, Bosnians and the very hottest of guidettes have all fallen victim to the blowout king's charm. But when the DJ stopped by "Live With Kelly" this morning to play a guest set, he elicited a suitor whose status is unmatchable. Ladies and gentlemen, Academy Award nominee Gabourey Sidibe is DTF.

The actress, who almost got her hands on an Oscar for her role in "Precious," stopped by the show to talk about "The Big C," and, evidently, make it perfectly clear that she's ready for PD to sweep her off her feet. After doing the Running Man to his tunes, and wasting no time pointing out guest host Howie Mandel's germaphobia, she declared herself a proud congregate of the Church of DelVecchio. "Hi Pauly," she called up to the guy with a giggle. "I'm a grenade that's DTF." While we certainly don't agree with the first part of her self-assessment, she's in good company in terms of the latter.

After Ms. Sidibe had come and gone, there were still ladies left to charm. Pauly broke down the sixth season of "Jersey Shore" and "The Pauly D Project," followed by a free lesson in scratching for host Kelly Ripa. Check it out:

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Photo courtesy of @LiveKelly