JWOWW's Dog Is Blogging, And Its Hair Is Purple

Noel Farley, chasing its next story.

Everyone with children thinks their kid is the smartest, the cutest. But JWOWW of "Jersey Shore" has PROVEN that her baby is quite the savant, and fashion-forward to boot! Little Noel, whose hair Jenni recently dyed a striking shade of purple (taking note from "Fashion Police" cohost Kelly Osbourne, no doubt), has hopped to the internets to show off its new colorful tresses and shatter the myth that canines can't type. Earlier this morning, the pooch posted the following on JWOWW.com:

Our mamas took us out for a walk a couple weeks ago when we were still filming in New Jersey. What started out as your average stroll, though, quickly turned into an impromptu fashion show. People began to notice how cool and sassy we looked, and soon we became the talk of the town! Bella and I always strive to stay fresh to death, and I think we really outdid ourselves with our latest look. Do you guys like our new 'dos?

Hey, if an iPhone can talk, then surely a dog can blog, right? It's not like it's hard (ssshh, don't tell our boss).

Jenni's dogs, Bella and Noel, lead their owner and her roommate on a leisurely walk through Jersey City.

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Photos: Mejia/Asadorian/Splash News