'Punk'd' Sneak Peek: Snooki Catches A Couple In 'The Act'...And Likes It

If memory serves us correctly, Snooki's got a bit of a voyeuristic side, so when "Punk'd" sets out to prank the little meatball by giving her an eyeful of a pretty public romp, it's no surprise her first inclination is to pull out her phone and capture the sexy moment in time. (This is exactly why you want to follow her on Twitter.)

Snooks gets duped by guest host Hayden Panettiere in this sneak peek of Thursday's all-new episode, and the mom-to-be doesn't seem to be a drop disturbed that some neighbors are about to make babies in front of a window. The former "Heroes" star also has it out for Zac Efron, whom she frames as the culprit of a fake hit-and-run, and Dianna Agron of "Glee," who gets hit on (or does this qualify as sexual harassment?) by a very old man. Suddenly, an exploding taco truck doesn't look so bad...

Check out the video of what's to come, and make sure to tune in this Thursday at 10/9c to see all the shenanigans unfold!

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