Pauly D Reveals His DJ Nickname To YRB Magazine: 'The Bridge'

We know him as Pauly D, but in the DJ circuit, which the "Jersey Shore" star has been dominating ever since he snagged his career-boosting residency at the Palms Hotel, his David Guetta-meets-DJ Khaled style has helped earn him a proper nickname that's unrelated to his Seaside shenanigans. "They actually call me 'The Bridge' because I bridge the gap between house and hip-hop," he tells MTV News' Sway in the latest issue of YRB magazine.

As devout MTV show bloggers, we know enough about the kid to say that Pauly's much more than a human melanin factory with a set of turntables at his fingertips. He's successful because he's actually got talent (and as devout bloggers, we can't say that about everyone), which is what got him that opening spot on Britney Spears' successful "Femme Fatale" arena tour (you remember, the one where she gave him a lap dance?), a deal with 50 Cent (whom he refers to as a "beast") and even his own show, "The Pauly D Project."

And while many celebrities tend to lose their s*** when cameras are glued to them like the rhinestones on an Ed Hardy tee, the Rhode Island native enjoys every second of it it. "I'm addicted to the cameras now. It's almost as if I expect them to be outside now," he says when Sway asks him if he's tired of having a producer watch his every move. "There are times you wish you had a certain amount of anonymity, but in the end, the good outweighs the bad." We're assuming that the "bad" he's referring to has something to do with being stalked.

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Image courtesy of YRB