Dan Savage Helps A Girl Who's Dealing With A Traumatic Sexual Experience [Sneak Peek]

Whether it's the painful memory of your first breakup, or a truly embarrassing date, it's not uncommon for people to carry around some failed relationship baggage with them. As we saw during the premiere episode of "Savage U," Dan met a college student named Marty who revealed that he'd been uncomfortable with his body image ever since a girl publicly rejected him in the eighth grade. The advice columnist encouraged Marty to learn from the moment, and helped empower him to move on.

In the below sneak peek of Tuesday night's all-new episode, Dan and his producer Lauren meet a young woman who has a similar desire to let go of a traumatic experience. Emily shares a story about a boy that acted inappropriate with her, pushing her up against a wall in an attempt to have sex. While she was able to get out of his house--albeit, very upset--Emily's worried that it was somehow her fault and that she misjudged the situation entirely. Hopefully Dan can help her work through her feelings of shame.

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