Ron Ron Juice: Now Available In Girly Cocktail Form!

Ronnie's got a thirst for three more liquor store experiments.

There's no doubt about it--when Ron Ron Juice hits package stores later this year, the drink will be a summertime BBQ revelation. But in the event a no-frills get-together develops into a more sophisticated soiree, Ron will have you covered there, too, as the "Jersey Shore" star recently announced he's got a line of colorful diet cocktails on the way as well. How Skinny Girl Margarita of him!

The "Smooshjito," "Cosmush" and "Smooshita" are on the road to public consumption, Ron announced on his Facebook page, and the "Smush Cocktail" trio looks like it might give its mixed drink predecessors a run for their money. Plus, the spirits are set to chug straight from the bottle--no need for a Snooki Soda mixer. (That's not to say you shouldn't always have some of her pop handy--ya never know when a pregnant friend will want to join the party...)

+ Would you invest in a bottle or two of the "Smooshita" for an Independence Day rager? Tell us what you think of the idea, and make sure to follow the Smush Cocktails Twitter account for the latest in the drink's production.

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Photo courtesy of @Smush_Cocktails