'Pants' Finale Poll: Are You Glad Jason Walked Away From Jane?

If we learned anything from Jason over the season of "I Just Want My Pants Back," it's that it's not easy to forget about a babe you fridge-banged who then stole your favorite skinny jeans and left you with nothing but the direct line to a B-rated Thai joint. Even his failed attempts at finding her using a Missed Connections ad weren't enough to completely kill the dream, and with each random hookup and awkward "binosaur" love triangle that could have deterred him, he still couldn't shake the memory of Miss Jane.

During tonight's finale, the dark clouds lifted and Jason finally got some good news--a job offer at a real company with real benefits (or so he thinks). While he was out celebrating with Tina and her maybe-boyfriend, J bumped into Jane and was all too excited to pick up where they left off. But when she revealed--post-makeout, of course--that she had a boyfriend, he took the high road and decided against being "that guy." He left Jane with his phone number and instructions to call him, should she ever become single again.

+ Did Jason make the right choice to walk away from Jane, or should he have gone home with her, if even for just one night? Take the poll and let us know!

Did Jason make the right move?

  • Yes, he doesn't need her and he doesn't need those pants!
  • No, he's an idiot for walking away.

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