For Rob's Next 'Fantasy Factory' Trick, He Will Become...Drama [Sneak Peek]

You may have thought that Rob Dyrdek's transformation into a morbidly obese version of himself would be the extent of his theatrics for the season, and if that's the case, then you just haven't watched enough "Fantasy Factory." (A little late to the party, don't you think?) Dude's constantly drumming up new ways to make people laugh--just this week he taught Big Cat how to make a proper viral video (well, by taught we mean he convinced the guy to mount a rhino just for s***s and giggles), and next week, his goal is create the ultimate musical about his other talented cousin.

In the below sneak peek of Monday's all-new episode, Rob dresses up as his "man dime" relative and colleague, Drama. Of course, in order for the skateboard legend to completely get into character he needs to mirror Chris Pfaff's every move. He starts by copying his style (see: painting an unkempt beard on his face), then picks up on Drama's swag and flip-into-the-foam technique. Can't wait for the musical to hit Broadway!

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